Aqua Sustain Farming Solutions

Aqua Sustain Farming Solutions - ASF-Solutions

ASF Solutions is a consulting company with its focus on sustainable aquaculture concepts for land-based facilities. ASF Solutions act with partners from science, education & training and companies in the field of aquaculture related business.

ASF Solutions is a German company, who consults scientists, the industry, farmer, authorities and NGOs in the realm of technical aquaculture and feed stuff. Employees at ASF Solutions are experienced scientists, technicians and skilled workers, who provide advice in the realisation of land-based aquaculture systems. We support clients in the planning and installation of technical system designs of RAS technology and give support during the first months of operation as well as beyond. In addition, we develop, test and improve fish feed for better welfare and growth of the candidate while also fostering sustainable and eco-system friendly feed sources.

ASF Solutions offers advanced training for future operators as well as for further education in technologies, system design, fish and shrimp farming.

ASF Solutions combines scientific and long-lasting operation expertise with analytical and strategic capacity, applicability and constructive problem-solving approaches.